Relax centre

What can multiple comfortable accommodations? Or how can we take a rest after strenuous working day or difficult sport day? The answer is: Visit our relax centre, in which we offer.

Steam sauna

Its temperature is 45 – 55°C and high humidity (near 100%). Its effects include the relaxation of muscles musculoskeletal followed by total relaxation. Higher air temperature also helps to increase the sweating of the body and enabling the elimination of toxic substances. Further, strengthens the immune system, particularly weakened by various heavy infectious diseases. Recommended length of stay in the steam bath is 15 minutes, and then it is appropriate to adequately cool the body – e.g. ice shower and let the body relax. The procedure can be repeated two to three times.

Finish dry sauna

It is a sauna with a temperature of 80-90 ° C, the temperature is controlled by sitting on the benches under or over, called “lauteet”. The heat opens the pores on the skin sweating. Stone on the fireplace (“kiuas”) in the corner are very hot and when water poured on them, a cloud of steam envelops the room. Steam increases the sensation of heat in the sauna. How often pour water on hot stones i sup to individually decision. After 5-20 minutes, it is necessary to cool a cold shower. This procedure should be repeated at least twice. The whole process takes 30 minutes to 2 hours. In the end, it is necessary to take a shower using soap and shampoo.

Infra sauna

It is a sauna with the possibility of recovery of the organism using a therapeutic effect similar to infrared radiation, such as sunlight and its effects. Infrared radiation is invisible to the eye, with wavelengths from 0,07mikrónov to 15 microns, which is under the red light spectrum, but its effects on the body can feel as heat energy. Efficient infrared heat radiation penetrates the skin’s surface to a depth of 3-4 cm (ie greater depth than dry sauna) and produces a wide range of medical and health restorative processes.


Classical massage (cervical spine, the back, sitting muscles), full body massage, sport feet massage, honey massage, chocolate massage or antistress massage (head, face, neck).